Aceto Albania

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Aceto Albania is a type of vinegar, similar to Balsamic vinegar.

This aromatic vinegar is made from grapes grown in the area of ​​Shkodra, Albania, which are picked quite late. The pressed grapes are heated over a low fire. 30% to 70% of the moisture is allowed to evaporate. The cooled liquid is supplemented with vinegar from the oldest vessel. Then it starts to ferment in wooden barrels. The sugars are converted into alcohol and then into acetic acid. No herbs or other flavorings are added to the Aceto Albania. Shelf life In a cool and dark place, Aceto Albania can literally be kept for centuries. The sediment that eventually develops has no negative consequences for the quality.

It is better not to keep the Aceto in a metal container, as this will cause undesired reactions. Barrels The Aceto is stored in wooden barrels. The barrels are not stored in cellars but in so-called acetaia, attics. As a result, they are exposed to natural temperature changes, which benefits the quality.

The type of wood in which the moisture is stored partly determines the final aroma. Chestnut wood, cherry wood and wood from the mulberry tree are used for this.