ILLYRIA Gold - Can  3 L / 3000 ML

ILLYRIA Gold - Can 3 L / 3000 ML

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil ILLYRIA GOLD

-100% Organic / Organic

-100% made from 1 type of olive, namely Leccino

-Content: 5000 mL / 5 liters

-Country: Albania Region: Shkodra, Castle Rozafa Estate Rama

-Gold-green color

This Extra Virgin Olive Oil from OILBA has a subtle flavor with a nutty and peppery undertone. Due to its low acidity, ILLYRIA GOLD olive oil does not have a bitter or sour aftertaste. The organic olive oil is obtained in the traditional way by crushing the olives with a stone mill, This preserves the taste and nutrients optimally. ILLYRIA GOLD olive oil is produced on the estate at Castle Rozafa by the Rama family, who have had an excellent reputation in Eastern Europe and Asia (especially Turkey, Istanbul) for centuries. Recently the family wants to expand their reputation to Western Europe. This estate has an excellent topographical location for the cultivation of olives. Because of the personal attention, you get the best quality olive oil. Very suitable for cold preparations such as salads, dressings and vinaigrettes